The Resilient Writer’s Year-End Survival Kit

If you’re waiting until the December holidays officially start to treat yourself this year, I just have one question for you … why?

Even though there are so many reasons why you deserve some comfort and peace right now, you still might feel like it’s not an appropriate time to indulge or celebrate.

But what if your self-care was work-related? Could you update your environment so that you’re well positioned to do your best writing?

I’d say that’s a fitting way to let go of any guilt and nurture your craft. Browse the simple, but powerful, items below to upgrade your writer-life today.

Set the right ambience

Sometimes the perfect background music is all you need to gain that hours-flying-by momentum where you obsess over paragraph structure, turns of phrase, and comma placement.

Visuals can set the scene for your writing as well, and the Calmed By Nature channel on YouTube has a great selection, whether you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Anyone in full cozy-autumn mode will enjoy this video:

Those settling into spring can brighten their mood with this one:

Ambience of Yesteryear is another channel with a nice variety of subtle sounds.

A warm writer’s library works for any season.

Grab key accessories

Keep everything you need to feel ready to work nearby.

It might be time to stay warm with a blanket or cool off with a fan.

Stay refreshed with a glass of water at your writing station, and don’t forget your favorite hot beverage in a beloved mug or teacup.

Optimize your wardrobe

Is choosing your outfit for the day part of your creative routine or a time-consuming burden?

Embrace whichever experience you have getting dressed after you wake up. You can make the activity a brain warm-up exercise or simplify your wardrobe to move on with your morning as quickly as possible.

Could you use a new pair of slippers, boots, sneakers, or flip flops? How about masks?

I recently found masks that actually fit my face comfortably, so if you plan on working outside of your home, the search for the best kind for you is a smart investment.

Plan like a pro

Take out your phone — yes, this second: do it. 🙂

Create a digital document to capture all of your new ideas.

It doesn’t matter which app you use. The Notes app in my iPhone provides enough organization for my taste, but I’ve heard things can get pretty fancy in Evernote.

I have labels for different writing projects and a miscellaneous one to dump ideas that don’t have specific homes yet. (Many won’t make their way into content, but I write them down anyway, and you should too.)

NaNoWriMo is coming up, where you can experiment with different writing styles to strengthen your content writing and copywriting skills.

Get this document ready on your phone so you’re primed to have fun with your composition no matter where you are.

Write in style

Now it’s time for physical goodies.

What pens, pencils, notecards, or notebooks will complete your writing supplies?

Make your wishlist, and go for it. You can even save some of these gifts for later in the year to give yourself a “surprise” when it’s proper holiday-time.

Make space

Find more time to write by reviewing your current content consumption routines.

Since you’re setting yourself up for success with all of these small tweaks, it’d be a shame if you let your days run away from you without prioritizing creativity.

You’re in charge of managing your habits.

Take a 10-minute meditation break

I know you’re ambitious, so I put “10 minutes” in the subheadline above, but I actually recommend starting with one minute if you’re new to meditation.

Starting a daily meditation practice becomes much easier when you only have to find one minute. You can lengthen your sessions over time.

Even if I only have five minutes to meditate, I take that five minutes — because for the rest of that day, my work and mood will reap the benefits.

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