Permission to Get It Wrong

I’m not going to be one of those annoying people who asserts 2020 has been splendid. It’s insensitive and perhaps inaccurate.

But, after working through my personal pandemic frustrations, I no longer hate this year the way I hate SEO. 😉

And I’m determined to keep working through any new challenges — viewing them as blessings rather than burdens. (Okay, you can say I’m being a little annoying.)

An appreciation for action, even when it looks like a setback

We talk a lot about strategies that help you grow your writing career, because we want to position you to do your best work.

However, during this reflective season, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to get it right all of the time.

In fact, you shouldn’t get it right all of the time. If you do, you likely aren’t taking enough calculated risks that help you really get it right in the long run.

Working toward a goal is exactly that — you take the steps to move toward the direction you want to go in.

Those steps are not always the exceptional ones that will get you there the fastest.

Unless you’re comfortable standing still, you have to take action and pave the messy path that keeps you moving along. It doesn’t remotely resemble a straight line.

Keep getting it wrong …

No one expects “perfection,” where you consistently know what to do and the exact way to do it.

Appreciate the freedom to try.

Appreciate the freedom to get it wrong.

You have permission to get it wrong.

If you keep getting it wrong enough times, you might just get it right.