Killer-Poet Study Guide for Transformational Learning

Once you’ve cleaned up your content consumption habits, there’s another important step to take that I didn’t get into last week.

How do you get the most out of the blogs you continue to read?

Subscribing to a small list of stellar sites doesn’t guarantee that you’re extracting the maximum value from that content.

So, it’s time to study smarter and turn free resources into your personal education system. From there, you’re positioned to transform your career and life.

Below you’ll find how I would approach reading Copyblogger, but you can apply this simple technique to virtually any articles, podcast episodes, or videos.

Studying, simplified

First, subscribe to Copyblogger, so that you have go-to content about developing into a high-demand, well-paid writer.

No Audience? The First Step for New Writers

If you’re a member of Copyblogger Pro, you get foundational masterclasses, plus ongoing advanced training, supplemental perspectives, and action-oriented tasks with up-to-the-minute best practices.

Next, set aside 30 – 60 minutes at least 3 times a week to study the top content you’ve selected to follow or the premium membership education you might have.

How to Read

Select a place to take notes, whether it’s in a digital document or on physical paper.

Finally, for every piece of content you go through, create two columns in your notes:

  1. What I Learned
  2. What I’m Going to Do Next

This exercise will leave you with a lot of “What I’m Going to Do Next” items at the end of each week, but don’t get overwhelmed.

How to Find More Time to Write

Train yourself to have big ideas, and you can break down each one when the time is right. Transformational learning involves setting and prioritizing goals.

Let the transformation unfold

We all want quick fixes — solutions that promise to magically make us the best in our chosen fields overnight.

But there’s something more realistic even better … small, manageable changes that optimize your habits.

Your transformation isn’t some accomplishment in the distant future. It’s working on your craft right now, little by little.