Every Audience Has This in Common (Use It to Stay Hyper-Relevant)

It doesn’t matter if you create content about minimalism or motorcycles.

Every audience has these three sub-groups:

  1. People who read your content.
  2. People who read and share your content.
  3. People who take action on the advice you provide in your content.

The sub-groups aren’t mutually exclusive.

For example, those who apply your advice to their own situations obviously read your content — and they might regularly share it as well.

In order to continually appeal to the people who are most likely to become your clients and customers, though, let’s hold a magnifying glass up to the “take action” group.

Add a sophistication filter

5 Ways to Tap into an Endless Wellspring of Creative Content Ideas

So, what are you going to write about next?

It seems like a straightforward question, but it’s often challenging to narrow down your ideas and pick one you feel good about.

Here’s where you can use the “people who take action on the advice you provide in your content” sub-group of your audience.

Think of your content as an unfolding narrative and answer the question:

What does the person who takes action need to know next?

You might typically consider a lot of content topics that would satisfy your “read” and “read and share” sub-groups, but as you aim to evolve and produce more sophisticated content, sharpen your ideas so that they offer the most relevant guidance in practical ways.

There’s no downside to this type of fine-tuning

"Clarity is the answer to everything." – Stefanie Flaxman

Making this change isn’t going to turn away anyone from your content.

Those who “read and share” will continue as usual, but you’ll form tighter relationships with the people who use your advice and want to learn more.

Strategically filtering your ideas allows you to go deeper into more innovative and valuable subjects that connect with the most engaged people in your audience — those who are likely to choose you when they need more help than what you provide for free.

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